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Since it was founded in 1973 by Julian Vereker, a self-taught engineer with a passion for hi-fi, Naim's English workshops in Salisbury have been driven by a passion for sound.

We do our utmost to offer you sensational listening experiences. Our expertise in electronics combined with our daring spirit of innovation has led us to design amplifiers, CD players, connected speakers, network players and all-in-one systems that are among the best on the market.


Our electronic systems are the result of state-of-the-art engineering by our experts. We pay rigorous attention to the four fundamental elements of our design work: specific space for each component, separate circuits, high-quality materials and sophisticated software. This know-how enables us to guarantee the purest hi-fi sound and a listening experience where every emotion comes to life.


Right from the design stage, we think about the reliability and longevity of our systems. To enter the Naim universe is to embark on an extraordinary musical journey with no limits. Our products complement each other and add up to uncompromising, tailor-made installations for a long time to come.


All Naim high-end products are developed and manufactured in our workshop in Salisbury, UK. Our electronic systems are assembled by hand by specialized technicians. Our production methods, in addition to our innovative spirit and audio expertise, reflect our quest for excellence and have been recognized with Queen's Awards, a title that honors us.


Since Naim Audio was founded, we've never stopped innovating and developing our products. Curiosity and attention to detail are at the heart of our DNA. We have observed, for example, the importance of power supply systems on sound quality. That's why our products feature large transformers with isolated windings for each section. Our separate hi-fi components reflect this philosophy: to make each component play its best part so that, together, they form a sensational hi-fi system.

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