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The Focal Powered By Naim store network is dedicated to creating the finest sonic emotions through warm, designer spaces. Focal and Naim put their complementary expertise and taste for refinement at the heart of a renewed, authentic customer experience.

Present in Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania, our spaces offer the promise of unique sound immersion and personalized service.


Focal Powered By Naim audio stores give you access to an unrivalled sound offer, combining the excellence of Focal acoustics and Naim Audio electronics. Discover unique expertise and exclusive high-fidelity products in our stores.


Floorstanding speakers for the home, integrated solutions, Home Cinema installations, wired and Bluetooth® noise-canceling high-fidelity headphones, outdoor speakers (terrace, garden, pool...), monitors for professionals, streaming music players, amplifiers and much more... Discover a vast range of high-end Focal and Naim hi-fi products in modern, comfortable settings.


Creating differentiating experiences, offering emotionally vibrant listening experiences, providing warm, personalized service... this has been, is and will continue to be the ambition of the worldwide Focal Powered By Naim network. Conceptualized and designed as if you were at home, our stores offer private demonstration rooms, headphone bars and open-plan living spaces (living room, Home Cinema, kitchen) to satisfy every hi-fi listening desire.


The essence of Focal&Naim lies in our perfectly complementary know-how, combining authenticity, tradition and modernity. Our workshops in France (Saint-Etienne and Bourbon-Lancy) and England (Salisbury) bear witness to a strong local identity, where craftsmanship and cutting-edge techniques come together in the service of audio.

To be discovered in Focal Powered By Naim boutiques, our creations embody the quintessence of this exceptional engineering and craftsmanship, making Focal and Naim essential global references.


Our obsession with quality isn't just about the product; it's also about ensuring the best possible customer satisfaction. Choosing the right product, installation assistance, system set-up, servicing, maintenance, equipment positioning, hi-fi system completion... Thanks to their passion, expertise and know-how, our in-store teams work hard every day to provide you with meticulous, comprehensive, made-to-measure support.

Exclusive FINISHES

Focal Powered By Naim boutiques feature exclusive products and special finishes that you won't find anywhere else. Leather, solid aluminum, wood... are all noble materials at the service of sound and refinement.


Europe, North America, Asia... our network of Focal Powered By Naim outlets spans the globe. Visit a store near you!

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